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Established in 2007 with the purpose of supplying the market with software solutions, to produce in-house software solutions that fits the needs of our clients.

SS targeted to sectors overlooked, or those that has great growth potential, and swapped the market with a number of customized solutions that mostly catered the needs of certain businesses or areas which gained fast acceptance.

Smart Storm as Software development house built a strong DMS, Document Management and archiving System (DocumentERA) with full-fledged OCR capability in English and Arabic. Both English OCR and Arabic OCR makes data entry Autmation easy :)

Smart Storm


SS is now one of the fastest growing solutions providers in the area of software development, its unique way to provide flexible solutions to each client with short time made it the one company to seek, with its high level of support services that are provided with well trained staff, and a response time not available any were else.



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It is our understanding that the investment in this IT systems is going to be made if the system is aligned with the needs of our clients to capitalize on core strengths and exploit local and regional opportunities.


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